Happy Valentine's Day!

One year ago today, Joseph and I were having our Valentine's dinner at a local Mexican restaurant dreaming together about the referral we were expecting to receive in the coming days. As we crunched on our tortilla chips washed in white queso dip, we hoped it would be the last Valentine's Day without our little one home.

We left the restaurant with giddiness and a little extra pep in our step from filling our bellies with chips and queso. As we wound down for the night at home I had this feeling I should check our email one last time, so I woke the sleeping Mac and opened up our Mail app. It turns out our agency had just sent our referral - in case you don't know what a referral is: it is the official documents on a child sent for you to accept or decline moving forward with this child as your own.

There she was. Tiny. Serious. Skeptical. All of her pictures looked this way. But, she was also beautiful, precious, and instantly ours! She was 16 months old at the time of ref…

4 Years Waiting

This month officially marks 4 years that we've been in the process to adopt from Ethiopia. Each year that has gone by I've said "it's been a long road," not knowing another year of waiting would still be in our future.

In case you've forgotten or you're new to our journey, here's a brief timeline of events.

An Extremely Brief and Super-Condensed Timeline: Year 1 - Placed on Family Waiting List
Year 2 - Adoption Placing Agency Closed - Redirected to a New Agency
Year 3 - Waiting on 1 Signature to Receive Referral
Year 4 - Received Referral - Waiting to Bring Her Home

The Journey's Been Hard Yes, the paperwork is menacing, but the road to bring our girl home has been at times like the Roman road, and at other times like the Emmaus road. Setbacks, heartbreaks, diversions, changed plans, hopes, fears, excitement, dissappointment... walking and talking of the things we've seen and experienced, sometimes slow to recognize the One walking beside us i…

Hart Design Co.

I'm always amazed by people's generosity! Andee Hart of Hart Design Co. offered to donate 50% of her sales for one weekend toward our adoption travel expenses -- in that one weekend, she helped us raise $200!!

Andee is a sweet friend who has a heart for families who adopt. She created this business specifically for the purpose of supporting families pursuing adoption.

Her items are unique, hand-lettered, and beautiful!
If you're looking for something for your home or gifts for others, checkout her shop at HartDesignCo.

Thank You!Thank you, Andee for loving and serving adoptive families so well! And thank you for the many, many ways you have specifically loved and supported our family in our journey to adopt! 

To those of you who purchased items from Andee's shop during our fundraiser, thank you!! :) 

Why We Chose Art

We recently held an online art auction fundraiser for our adoption travel expense. It was a huge success AND a lot of fun!!

We began the auction on Friday and ended it on Saturday. Let me be the first to say, there were times when the bidding wars got really intense all the way through the last minute. It was so much fun seeing so many of you come online to participate and support our adoption, and it was sweet to see how so many of you were enjoying the auction, too.

I know some of you didn't win the bids your heart desired, but I hope you know your participation was a sweet encouragement!

Why We Chose Art I wanted to take a moment and share with you why we chose to do an art auction. Of course, I have scoured Pinterest for plenty of fundraising ideas and an auction seemed to be a great avenue, but I wanted to do something more - something special.

Joseph and I have a growing appreciation and love for the arts. We see human creativity displayed in the arts as a direct result of t…

T-Shirt Fundraiser Results

Thank you to everyone who purchased a shirt, donated, and shared the link on social media!! We can't wait to get our shirts in the mail (arriving sometime soon!).

Thanks to all of you who purchased a shirt and donated through the campaign, we were able to raise $2,012.00 toward our travel expenses!!

Be on the lookout for more ways you can support our adoption soon! ;)

Online Art Auction Fundraiser - July 21-22

July 21-22 on Facebook! We are doing an Online Auction Fundraiser for our adoption to help cover upcoming travel expenses.
We have some really nice things that will be available. The auction will be through our group on Facebook, Thigpen Adoption Auction Fundraiser
You must be a member of the Facebook group in order to bid on July 21-22. 
100% of the money raised will go toward covering our expenses for travel to bring our little one home!
Here's a sneak peak of just a few of the items we will be auctioning:
8x10 Whale Watercolor Art Print Artist: Apryl Weidl
Follow on Instagram @aprilweidl

Macrame Wall Hanging - Modern Fiber Art
(12in x 19in)
Artist: Elizabeth McTague
Follow on Instagram @elizabethmctague

Build a Longer Table - Wood Sign
(4ft x 2ft)
Artist: HouseofBelonging LLC
Follow on Instagram @houseofbelonging

'Greatest of These Is Love' Print (8x10) Artist: Gracelaced Follow on Instagram @gracelaced

And that's just a few of the items --- there are lots more! 
So s…

T-Shirt Fundraiser Now-July 20th

UPDATE: As of July 10th, we've sold 68 T-shirts and raised $799! Our goal is to sell at least 150 by Thursday, July 20th -- I think we can do it!  You want this T-shirt.
You need this T-shirt. You want to buy this T-shirt.  You want to buy this T-shirt to help us cover our adoption travel expenses. ;)

(Adult T-shirt $20 each)

(Youth T-shirt $17 each)
This fundraiser is only open until July 20th! 
Purchase shirts through this link.
All money raised goes toward our adoption travel expenses!!

I designed the T-shirt, and bonfire does the rest -- well, except we need YOU to order a T-shirt - or 2, or 3...or as many as your heart desires. 
C'mon folks - buy a T-shirt! Support adoption!