Online Art Auction Fundraiser - July 21-22

July 21-22 on Facebook! We are doing an Online Auction Fundraiser for our adoption to help cover upcoming travel expenses.
We have some really nice things that will be available. The auction will be through our group on Facebook, Thigpen Adoption Auction Fundraiser
You must be a member of the Facebook group in order to bid on July 21-22. 
100% of the money raised will go toward covering our expenses for travel to bring our little one home!
Here's a sneak peak of just a few of the items we will be auctioning:
8x10 Whale Watercolor Art Print Artist: Apryl Weidl
Follow on Instagram @aprilweidl

Macrame Wall Hanging - Modern Fiber Art
(12in x 19in)
Artist: Elizabeth McTague
Follow on Instagram @elizabethmctague

Build a Longer Table - Wood Sign
(4ft x 2ft)
Artist: HouseofBelonging LLC
Follow on Instagram @houseofbelonging

'Greatest of These Is Love' Print (8x10) Artist: Gracelaced Follow on Instagram @gracelaced

And that's just a few of the items --- there are lots more! 
So s…

T-Shirt Fundraiser Now-July 20th

UPDATE: As of July 10th, we've sold 68 T-shirts and raised $799! Our goal is to sell at least 150 by Thursday, July 20th -- I think we can do it!  You want this T-shirt.
You need this T-shirt. You want to buy this T-shirt.  You want to buy this T-shirt to help us cover our adoption travel expenses. ;)

(Adult T-shirt $20 each)

(Youth T-shirt $17 each)
This fundraiser is only open until July 20th! 
Purchase shirts through this link.
All money raised goes toward our adoption travel expenses!!

I designed the T-shirt, and bonfire does the rest -- well, except we need YOU to order a T-shirt - or 2, or 3...or as many as your heart desires. 
C'mon folks - buy a T-shirt! Support adoption! 

Eyes of Faith

Since our Reveal Party in March, we have worked diligently to complete some paperwork and pursue bringing our little one home. I made a soft photo book for our little one that we sent to Ethiopia with our pictures in it. Don't make fun of my sewing skills - this was my first ever photo book! It was also my first time printing pictures on fabric - that was fun.

While my parents were here for the party, I put them to work helping me paint the room we haven't touched for 3 years just waiting to know who would fill it. I have to say, I love this room - it's my new favorite room in the whole house. We also painted the dresser my Granddaddy made for me when I was a little girl - I think it's nice - like sugar & spice. ;)

We still have work to do in the room, but for now, we're enjoying the little progress we've made. 
These last few months have certainly had some unexpected twists and turns, though.

On April 21st, Ethiopia issued an adoption suspension which lef…

A Really Big Update

Valentine's Day was extra sweet for us this year. We finally received our referral, which means we are officially matched to our precious child!

NOTE: Due to the sensitive nature of international adoption, we are not able to share/post pictures or any identifiable information about our child. For those of you who have pictures or know information about our child, we kindly request your support and consideration by not sharing any pictures or identifiable information about our child.

Because we are not able to share photos or information online, we decided to share the good news by having an Adoption Reveal Party with several of our closest friends and family on March 4th. 

Our parents came up that weekend - yes, we made them wait until they got here to know anything about our little one! We decided to do a private reveal with them the night before the party and took them to an Ethiopian restaurant in Cary right after sharing pictures with them. They were SO surprised -- they really b…

September 27th - Not Just Another Day

To some, September 27th is just another day on the calendar. Perhaps it's a special day, like an anniversary or birthday. Or maybe it's a solemn day of memorial. For us, September 27th is somewhat of a combination: another day on the calendar, an anniversary, and a sobering reminder of a desire unfulfilled.

Three years ago today we officially began the process to adopt from Ethiopia. Three years, and we are still waiting.

Reflections As I reflect on these years of waiting, I think of all the craziness we've endured - even things I haven't been able to share on this blog. The excitement and thrills, the valleys and lows, none of which have been experienced in vain.

Doubt There have been many times along the way that we began to doubt whether or not we made the right choice. Unfortunately, there have been times when others have caused us to doubt by asking questions like, "Well, when is enough enough?" and "Maybe you should consider another option that'…

A Long Overdue Update

Many of you have asked us how things are going with our adoption in person, through texts, emails, and Facebook messages, so for those of you we've already talked to, this will not be any new information. However, we felt it was time to let everyone know where we are and what's going on.

On November 18th of last year, we were notified by our placing agency that they would be closing their doors effective December 30th, 2015. After a year and a half of waiting on a "waiting family" list, this was the exact opposite of the news we were expecting to receive. After all, we had been told just a month before that we could get our referral at any time.

We were devastated.
And quite honestly, we really didn't know how to cope with the news.

We immediately reached out to some friends for wisdom, guidance, and prayers. Should we stay with our main agency and change to the other placing agency they partnered with and hope (once again) for the best? Should we change …

Peace : A state in which there is no war or fighting. (Merriam-Webster)

It's been a while since we've lasted given an update, and I have to say that there are reasons why we haven't been able to. I would love to be able to explain in detail the reasons we've been so day I will.

We often feel like we're fighting an uphill battle on this journey. We were faced with what seemed like an impossible obstacle recently, but we have been amazed to see the Lord work wonders in the midst of uncertainty.

We are still waiting for our referral from Ethiopia. We are praying with persistence that the Lord will continue to work mightily on our behalf as He has done all along. This journey has sometimes been one filled with self-doubt mingled with great hope. We are hoping. We are waiting. We are praying.

Our greatest need right now is for people to pray specifically for *peace.* If you are willing, please  pray for *peace* over our adoption from Ethiopia.

For in hope we have been saved, but hope that is seen is not hope; for who hopes for what…